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I’m Ann Hirst, I’m a writer and I read a lot. I’m also a mother of two teenage boys, a lover of dogs, a drinker of tea, a keen consumer of chocolate and peanut butter and a bender of yoga, if that’s even a thing.

Does she look like a firefighter or what? Oh wait…

When I was a kid I wanted to be a FAMOUS ACTRESS but according to the school careers officer, I was best suited to FIRE-FIGHTING. What nonsense. I loved fire and disliked fighting, surely the absolute opposite requirements for such a vocation. I said there must be some mistake but he was adamant.  Determined to prove them wrong, I drew up a graph with actress at one end and firefighter at the other and to my utmost astonishment, smack, bang in the middle of where those two careers meet was…drum roll…WRITER.

What a piece of luck. What nobody told me, however, is that I’d spend years and years writing for other people before I’d get a chance to do my own thing. I call these my ‘research’ years. Also what nobody told me, is that after my babies were born, my brain would effectively take a very long holiday. I call these my ‘pancake batter’ years.

Eventually, brain came home, and I wrote my first novel. Currently, am finishing the final edit ready for submission. Then it’s on to book two, which has been hibernating in first draft mode since November 2016. Meanwhile:

This comma is musings from the jumbled up mind of an aspiring author (me).  Here I’ll share writing tips, ideas, nuggets of wisdom, highlights from writers’ events I attend and anything else that might inspire and stoke our collective creative fires.  Also, if any of the books I read stays with me, in a good way or otherwise, I’ll review it.

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Ann xxx

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